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   "Landscape Ecology is about studying where plants and animals occur throughout the landscape and how the surroundings of where those plants and animals are, influences their capacity to survive in it...
 ... It's about understanding populations and movement between populations and the things that influence movement and survival of populations" 

Professor Don Driscoll, Deakin University

The Matrix in Ecology

This video introduces the concept of an ecological matrix (not like the 1999 action film). The matrix is brought upon by destruction of habitats and separates patches, or fragments of native habitats. This separation has various effects on the native species and how they can live in the landscape.  Watch below to find out more: 
Activity Box
Watch the video to complete the worksheet

Video used with permission from Prof Don Driscoll

Meet a Scientist!

Meet a Scientist!

Professor of Terrestrial Ecology, Don A. Driscoll

Critical Thinking


What are the environmental impacts of urbinization and agricultural development? 


Which type of development has a greater impact? 

What's the Science? 
An introduction to Landscape Ecology. 
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